Ideas For Finding Manufactured Homes To Buy

I advocate buying manufactured homes for one simple reason – mobility. Looking for a used manufactured home can begin with classified ads. Searching for manufactured homes can be done online in places like Craigslist as well as in your local newspaper. When searching online also see eBay and other mobile home sites. Also look in the local yellow pages as these are also a good place to search.

Not only is finding a manufactured home important, also important is finding a good one. After finding the mobile home the next step is determining mobile home value. Remember that mobile homes depreciate in value quickly. Use the Blue Book of the local library to find out the value of the kind of mobile home you have chosen.

Breaking Down Mobile Home Loans and Morgage Programs

If you want to buy a mobile home or the land for it, there are various finance options available. If you take a loan for a mobile home, you will have to pay a higher interest since the depreciation is greater on mobile homes. The only exception to this rule is with guaranteed loans.

The majority of mobile home loans are personal property loans or chattel loans. These loans consider your mobile home personal property, much like your car and not real estate. The flipside of this is that you do not get any real estate tax breaks.


Mobile Home Repairs – Three Ways to Pay for Them

If you need repairs on your mobile home or want to make improvements, you’ll often need more money than you have. Maybe you have lots of money socked away in a savings account, and if so, then this article probably won’t be of much help to you. But if you’re one of the many people who need to make mobile home repairs and just aren’t sure how to get the money you need, read on. You’ll learn three ways to pay for mobile home repairs — which way you decide to go with depends on your financial situation and personal preferences.


Debt Options for People Buying Manufactured Homes

A wide variety of mortgage loans and programs are available for people buying manufactured homes. Mostly higher interests have to be paid (other than in the case of guaranteed loans). The reason for this is the quick depreciation in prices of manufactured homes and the smaller life span of these.

The majority of people opt for chattel or personal property loans when buying manufactured homes. In this case manufactured homes are viewed like cars as personal property and not real estate. This means that you do not get any real estate tax benefits.

Manufactured Home Financing

Manufactured homes have a number of advantages. First, you do not have to bother about construction workers. With the homes being factory made, that part is taken care of. Many reasons go towards making manufactured homes cheaper.

With manufactured homes, interest rates are higher than traditional homes. Also terms are shorter since loans on manufactured homes are considered high risk. Also manufactured homes, depreciate in value fast.

Mobile Home Mortgage: Why Lenders Take a Look at Your Credit Score

You’re probably sick and tired of paying for that expensive rent in that very cramped apartment of yours and it may be time for you to get a home of your own. As a first home time buyer, you have to consider the fact that there are a lot of factors that you need to consider when buying a home. First of all, it is important to remember that buying a home is a big investment decision that you need to think about carefully.

Most first time home buyers tend to make a mistake of not carefully thinking about the type of home they should purchase. Normally, most people will jump to a decision to buy a used home that is very expensive and at the same time, have maintenance problems. This can be very frustrating.

Champion Mobile Homes: Providing You with the Highest Standards in Mobile Homes

Are you looking for a new home but you don’t have the money to finance it? If you are, then you might as well get a new mobile home. Mobile homes today are intricately designed and can match the quality and standards of a traditional home. And, the best thing about mobile homes is that it is a lot cheaper than having a home of your home built from the ground up.

Today, there are quite a lot of mobile home manufacturers in the market. If you want to buy one, make sure that you buy one from a manufacturer that offers the best quality mobile homes and one that offers it for a reasonable price.

Mobile Home Equity Loan Programs Explained

Some may tell you that mobile homes depreciate over time and it will not allow you to get home equity loans. Although this may be true, you have to understand that there are some mobile homes that can actually appreciate or increase in value. It is important that you should know how you can get your mobile home to increase in value in order for you to get the home equity loan program that you need.

First off, the key to get your mobile home to appreciate is that you should build a fixed foundation for your mobile home. What this means is that you need to get your mobile home situated in a particular property permanently.


Texas Mobile Home Lenders: Getting Financial Help in Texas for Purchasing a Mobile Home

As time passes, you will soon realize that you will need a home that you can call your own. With a home, you will feel more secured and you will also feel more comfortable with your life. However, with the rising cost of real estate and homes today, you can’t help but realize that your dreams of home ownership hang in a balance.

However, if you live in Texas or plan on living there, you will see that there are quite a lot of mobile homes available for sale that you can turn into your dream home. Texas is a state where it is known to have great home financing schemes that you will be able to benefit from.

Financing Mobile Home Loans & Mortgages for People with Bad Credit

If you have bad credit, you might think you have to give up on your dream of owning your own home. Don’t give up! There are programs for people with lousy credit. This is especially true when it comes to mobile home loans and mortgages. You probably already know that if your credit score is lower than the mid 600’s, it will be hard for you to obtain any kind of home loan, even one for a mobile home. However, it is not impossible. You probably have to hunt for lenders willing to help you and accept a high interest rate. For people who are commited to owning their own home, high interest rates can be worth the price.


Three Tips for Choosing the Right Mobile Home Park

If you’ve decided to buy or rent a mobile home, congratulations! Many of today’s mobile homes are spacious and luxurious, not to mention affordable. You can find roomy mobile homes with wall to wall carpeting, central heating and air, and even whirlpool tubs. After you’ve chosen the perfect mobile home, you’ll need to decide where to put it.

Some mobile homes are already located on lots or in parks, others will need to be moved. Regardless, it’s important to choose the right mobile home park to ensure a peaceful and happy living experience.


Where to Find Used Mobile Homes for Sale

If you’re in the market for a used mobile home but don’t know where to start, this article can help you. The great thing about mobile homes is their versatility and the fact they can be transported to anywhere you need them to be. There are many places where you can obtain great deals on used mobile homes, if you know where to look!

First and foremost, check the classifieds section of your local newspaper. Often, owners of mobile homes that want to sell them will use the classifieds as their means of advertisement. If you don’t see anything you’re interested in featured in the newspaper classifieds, don’t worry. There are lots of other places you can look.


Mobile Home Buying Tips – What to Look for in a Mobile Home Loan

If you’re planning on purchasing a mobile home, you will probably need to obtain a mobile home loan. A loan will allow you to purchase the home you desire in an affordable way. Obtaining a mobile home loan is quite similar to getting a loan for a regular house. Let’s take a look at what a mobile home loan may involve and how to choose the best type of loan for your individual needs.

It’s important to look for the lowest rates possible when seeking a mobile home loan. Housing rates fluctuate depending on the market, and choosing to buy when the rates are low will mean that you can obtain a loan that’s affordable. What your rates will be will depend on the type of loan you get, where you get it from, the value of your mobile home and the lender you obtain the loan from.


About Home Equity Loans for Mobile Homes

You may have heard that manufactured homes may decrease in value over time. While this could be true, it is essential to think about the fact that some mobile and manufactured homes actually go up in appraised value. The idea is to put your mobile house on a permanent foundation.

Mobile, Manufactured and Modular homes on permanent foundations are homes that go up in value over time unlike others that are not on permanent locations. If you own a mobile home placed on such a location, you will increase net worth every time you make a payment on your mortgage. After several years of paying on your mortgage, you just may have amassed an impressive amount of equity.


Mobile Home Insurance Tips & Information

Just like any other home, you will need insurance for your mobile home. Sometimes, obtaining the right coverage can be a real hassle, which is why it pays to be as knowledgeable and prepared as possible. Here we’ve gathered some mobile home insurance tips to help you with the process.

Comparison shopping is one of the most important things you can do when it comes to obtaining the best insurance at the most attractive price. You’ll want to contact several different insurance companies and compare the rates from each one before making a final decision. You can even do much of your comparison shopping online, thanks to the Internet!


Used Mobile Homes Buyer’s Guide

If you’re interested in buying a used mobile home, it’s important to do your research and become as informed as possible about not only the buying process but mobile homes in general. This article will teach you more about how to buy used mobile homes so that you’ll be more prepared before you start shopping.

A mobile home is defined as a factory built structure that is able to be moved from place to place. These days, people use the term mobile home to also describe manufactured homes as well. Mobile homes are often placed in mobile home parks, and although this is often a permanent arrangement the homes can be transported to another location if necessary. All mobile homes built for single families must adhere to stringent guidelines as developed by HUD, or Housing and Urban Development.


Mobile Homes, Manufactured Homes and Modular Homes: What’s the Difference?

Most people wonder what the differences is between manufactured homes and modular homes as both can be placed in a property that is land leased. You also need to understand that manufactured homes were once known as mobile homes so you wouldn’t confuse mobile homes and manufactured homes as both are just the same.

Now, the big differences between modular homes and manufactured homes are basically on how it is constructed. Both also differ on how it should be erected on site and even the building codes for modular homes are quite different from manufactured homes or also known as mobile homes.


A Look At Low Down Payment Mobile Home Loan Programs

In considering the purchase of a mobile home, a potential buyer has some options as to the components of his loan. The first option is to put at least 20% down, making the remaining principal smaller. The second option to put less than 20% down, making the amount financed larger. This is called a low down payment mortgage and it has several negative ramifications. When the amount financed is greater than 80% of the sale price, the mortgage company requires that the buyer take out private mortgage insurance (PMI) and fold that into the mortgage payment. This additional amount protects the mortgage company from a loss if you are unable to make the monthly payments.


Mobile Home Celebrities

Home is where the heart is. Many celebrities are wandering hearts and often choose mobile homes. They are termed as recreational vehicles and have helped make successful road trips by the plenty.

Some stars even have names for their favorite vehicle. Mathew McConaghey calls his mobile home “canoe.” He really loves it. The vehicle is an airstream trailer which is often parked in Malibu near the coast. The vehicle takes him around the United States. As he travels the press has a field day.

Even Drew Barrymore spent a month in a recreational vehicle. She took a trip across the country in 2009. She found it the most engaging experience she has ever had. This, inspite of driving problems.

A wildfire burned homes in Malibu in 1993. At this time Sean Penn also lost his mansion. Penn did it the smart way. He pulled an Airstream Soveriegn into his estate and used it as a home till his mansion was reconstructed. He used the mobile home for a few years.

Dolly Parton is another celebrity who has used a mobile home. She uses a RV to tour. Her RV is luxurious with a vanity mirror, shower and celebrity comforts. Pamela Anderson also owns an RV with a pole, vibrating bed and a mirror ball.

So thats how celebrities do it in a mobile home. For regular users, a mobile home still works. It has benefits that cannot be measured. It helps to know that you are in good company as a mobile home user.

The money hidden in old mobile homes

Like in most businesses, traditional thinking does not always give the highest yields. In the business of investments, likewise, thinking different does have its benefits. Many people find that their most profitable income from investments comes from old mobile homes. When you see a 14 year old mobile home, that looks like a piece of history, you may be just looking at a bright future.

There is money hidden in old mobile homes. There are tons of instances of people buying old mobile homes for $2,800. They then spend another $500 on advertising and minor repairs. Once that is done you find that people would be willing to spend upwards of $6000 to buy it from you. That $6000 is affordable to them because you, the seller are willing to give it to them through a small down payment and a regular monthly payment.

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